A single thread. Spun with intent.

Towards the source. Nordsee. Abandoned sandy shores.  

The richness found in our hands. Eyes downward. A single touch.


Daniel Andresen deeply explores the tactile merit of cloth. The seasonal collages exist as a curated arrangement, eventually benevolent to the wearers whims. These are not clothes that wish to impose themselves. Instead, they mark the joy found in individualism.


To construct is to comment on life. Each proposed garment becomes part of a journey. Equipped here, with a backbone, crafted by diligent hands in the Antwerp atelier. It is not what you make, but how it is composed.


Wool, silk, rugged linen and sheer cotton serve as the naturally sourced base materials. A foundation that is both pure and sincere.  From the initial composition of a single thread, to the fully fledged weaves, silhouettes and knitwear patterns, each phase is carefully guided by hand. Every single touch, cross or interlocking line, is deliberate and has been endlessly adjusted. The studio conducts textural experiments in a controlled manner, devoting patience and time to a continuous cycle of profound sartorial work.


The result is a series of singular pieces. Each slightly different in form and finishing, marking the steady craftsman’s hand. The purity of the fabrics is respected yet propelled into novel techniques and propositions. Overall, the collection’s shape is democratic, loosely tailored and informally casual.

Once appropriated, a garment becomes part of you, morphing into time and space.


Comfort never serves engagement. Instead, it is a relevant condition for confidence and self-awareness. Restrictions fade and interaction remains.